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Storing Wealth in Physical Gold

Gold is an asset that can "freeze" your wealth and preserve it for a long period of time. Reason why it has gained more popularity in recent years.

Since the start of the global economic crisis in 2008 (premises of which have already occurred in 2007), gold has regained its reputation of as a hedge against currency devaluation.

But, since the mid-2013 crash, many have lost their confidence in gold as a means to store wealth, because in terms of US dollars, many have lost much of their investments.

Still, gold can store wealth.

One of the main reasons behind this affirmation is the fact that it's a commodity - an the price of gold tends to oscillate similarly with the prices of other commodities (agricultural products, oil etc.).

The recent currency crises outbreaks in Cyprus, Argentina, Japan, Venezuela, Turkey, Iran, Ukraine have lead to inflation and, if measured in those currencies, gold did indeed gain value - despite it dropping sharply in US dollars, euros.

The lesson we can learn is that gold doesn't devalue everywhere in the World (even if major short-sellings occur).
There might still be plenty of currencies in which your gold will have gained, even!

Buying gold is a long-term investment. You wouldn't buy it normally to re-sell it months or 1-2 years after.

Because it's best to hold it longer, you can consider accumulating bullion for your pension years. By the time you get old, the price fluctuations will somewhat even out and over a period of 10-20-25 years (or longer), it will have won the battle against the currency you're using.

Simply, because currencies require slight inflation in order to allow economic growth, facilitate the export of the issuing country etc.

Some people are already putting away gold bars and coins for later years - not only as a hedge against currency devaluation, but as a method of preserving wealth. Of course, as a pension saving as well.

There are two traditionally prosperous countries with strong economies where people have the habit to save: Germany and Japan.

The German population hoards gold and the Japanese too! - both articles refer to the fact that the population is buying bullion.

In Japan, "abenomics"-driven monetary easing has lead to an inflated currency, thus: more expensive gold. So, the citizens turned to the shiny yellow metal for creating savings.

Both Germans and the Japanese are traditionally big savers, while the Americans are big spenders.

You don't have to save because you're scared or because you're preparing for a doomsday economic collapse. Gold is a great long term investment asset and first

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