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Why Are Central Banks Buying Gold?

Central banks from around the World have been buying physical gold since the turn of the century. And, since the "panic of '08", the buying has intensified.

Russia is the biggest buyer of gold, while China is the biggest producer.
These are just two of the BRIC nations. But the others (Brazil and India) have been accumulating as well.

South Korea, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Azerbaijan and other countries have been increasing their holdings in order to diversify assets. Some have even doubled their gold bullion holdings.

Emerging markets hold less than 5 % of their reserves in gold and they are expected to continue the buying.

Further details on why central banks are buying gold, how much certain countries own and whether the trend will continue or not, is available in the video below (by SilverCoinNews):

Why Are Central Banks Hoarding Gold? (by SilverCoinNews)

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