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The US Dollar to be Strengthened
by the Euro Crash

Despite the fact that both currencies are without any intrinsic value at all and they'll both crash one day, the euro is closer to the "ditch" than the US currency.

The eurozone's crisis is deepening and speeding up: France, Portugal, Italy and Spain are headed "down the Greek road" and will all be severely affected in the future. In fact, it won't be Greece, but a bigger country that could put an end to the euro as a currency. It would have to be either Spain, Italy or France.

The natural implication of the euro's crash would be the strengthening of the dollar, the main rival currency.

Because the dollar is the World's reserve currency and its biggest rival is the euro, it will be a natural consequence that especially forex speculators and investors will swap their euros for dollars.

We don't know when this will happen, but those who know could profit from it!

Selling euros at the right moment for US dollars would bring potentially immense income to the investors!

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