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Steps and Signs in 2013
Leading to the Total Financial Collapse

2013 will give more hints of what will happen during the next years. Watch the events, the signs carefully and you will see where we're headed.

These and other events will shape the financial future of the World:

 1. German elections in September: it's believed that no major step regarding the euro's fatewill be taken before the German elections; afterwards even a collapse or drastic devaluation might follow

 2. Cyprus wealth tax, bank holiday and bank runs: it remains to be seen whether Cyprus is just a "unique isolated case" or just a prelude or an experiment to similar actions and panic in other European countries

 3. Quantitative easing in 2013: the Fed has been buying bonds and treasuries worth 85 billion $ every month, but there are critical voices inside the Fed that are requesting a trimming of the monthly monetary easing - QE will either remain the same or, it will be trimmed, but it's also possible that they will extend it - the prices of precious metals will be affected strongly, so will the value of the US dollar

 4. Events around the petrodollars: follow the news and see whether the trend of avoiding the US dollar in petrol trading follows - the petrodollar crash will severely hit (most probably crash the US dollar as well); the more countries avoid using dollars in petrol trade, the more the system will shake and shiver (in early 2013, Saudi Arabia and the UAE are two of the strongest players still contributing to the petrodollar system)

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