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QE3 Temporarily Delayed

It is highly likely that there will be a 3rd quantitative easing, although this has been continuously postponed during 2011. Whenever more stimulus materialized in the form of money printing, gold has soared. But we haven't seen much growth in gold's price since summer 2011 and January, 2012.

Although August and September have reflected higher prices, experts say gold is still far away from the possible 2,000 dollars level.

The strongest sign underlining the possibility of a new quantitative easing measure was Ben Bernanke's speech on August 30th, when he said he's ready to undertake necessary measures for future stimulus in the form of quantitative easing.

Experts are expecting the 3rd quantitative easing towards the end of 2012. It might happen in October or November. Most likely it will occur after the US elections, but there's a slight possibility that the Fed will take advantage of the "noise around the elections" and "hit the money printing machine" right before or during the elections.

Ben Bernanke's declaration is telling us that QE3 is near and that it will most probably happen during autumn 2012. As a natural consequence, the price of gold per ounce will vertically increase way above 1,700 $. Some experts expect the cost per ounce to reach 1,750, others are talking about figures just slightly above 1,800.

If you bought gold in June 2012 for a price of 1,550-1600 $ an ounce, you will have made profits of at least 200-250 $ by the time QE 3 pushes the prices higher.

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