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Fed to Engage In "QE Infinty"?

Earlier we posted an article about the possibility of extending QE3.

The Federal Reserve might change tactics in the near future and might decide an extension of the latest quantitative easing round (known as QE3, announced in 2012). This means that instead of creating another separate money printing round, for instance QE4, they might instead expand the precious round - QE3.

QE3 has an "open-end", leaving the possibility to further easing more promptly than before.

If the extension occurs, then the Fed will be printing dollars as soon as December 2012, driving up the prices of precious metals even further. Then, the long-awaited price drops will not happen. Instead, we will see them soar.

Could it be that right now we're at a good opportunity to buy bullion?

Watch the news and buy gold bullion before the extension of QE3 will be announced. This might after all be a very good chance to buy gold at an affordable price!

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