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Powerful and Surprising Gold and Silver Spike

Gold and silver prices have risen dramatically this week. The biggest increases occurred on August 14th, 15th, 16th, leaving the jaws of many investors and stackers open.

Physical and ETF purchases are both strong, appetite for silver and gold has improved a lot in a week's time.
As published by, silver and gold have registered their best weekly performance in 2 years!

For next week, the Kitco Gold Prices Survey gave a strongly bullish result: 84 % of participants see higher prices for gold next week. And, if that's true for gold, then silver might also take part in the ride upwards.

Silver ETF holdings have increased during the past days, according to Commerzbank. In only 18 days, silver has risen 19 %!

The rise of gold's and silver's price had the yesterday's negative US housing news as a strong backwind.

The rally of the two metals came as a disappointment to the stacker community. The price jump was too sudden and to high for many to buy in time.

Nevertheless, if you wanted (or would still like) to buy gold or silver, then the remaining days of this week (Friday night - Sunday) might be a better time to buy than next week.
The rise is expected to continue and the demand is already increasing. Higher prices will stir up the appetite for physical buying, as it normally happens.
Another bullish factor is the fact that towards the end of the summer, precious metal prices traditionally climb higher.

While the cheapest silver coins were selling at around 21-22 USD an ounce last week, this week you will only be able to buy at around 27-28 USD!

Considering the possibilities of making profits by investing in silver, last week's price was the best one in almost 3 years, therefore - one of the best times to get in, turn bullish on physical silver. If you "missed the boat", then perhaps the next few days will be the next best opportunity to buy silver bullion.

While some are hoping for cheaper silver next week, one could say that it's highly unlikely (although nothing can be excluded), because the forces and the overall sentiment on the market is strongly bullish.

Dealers have seized the opportunity to lift premiums on bullion products. While spot silver scored above 23 $ and ounce, in Europe (due to additional fees and VAT's), it's almost impossible to buy a single ounce under 30 $, even from the cheap Canadian Maple Leaves!

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