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Possible QE3 Extension in December 2012?

QE3 has propelled gold higher, just under 1,800 $ an ounce, but the correction came sooner than expected and seems to be stronger than expected. In early November 2012, gold has already dipped below 1,690 $ and the downward "road" seems to continue.

Through QE3, the Fed resorted to purchase securities with 40 billion dollars, but there are rumors that the process will continue. Instead of launching another QE, the Federal Reserve might be planning to extend QE3.

The QE3 extension will focus on mortgage-backed securities.

There are signs that the quantitative easing process might turn into a continuous process rather than a series of separate rounds (as it has been with QE1, QE2, QE3).

If the extension will start, investors will have to get ready for increasing precious metal prices in January 2013.

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