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How a Norwegian Man Got Rich With Bitcoins

Lucky Norwegian guy bought Bitcoins worth 26.60 USD (150 NOK) in 2009, which turned out to be worth 886,000 USD in April 2013!

Back then, for 27 dollars he got 5,000 Bitcoins. Allegedly, he forgot the password, which he later remembered.

It's not known when the Bitcoins were cashed out, but would he have waited for longer (like until mid-November 2013), he would have earned well over 2.5 million dollars for his 5,000 BTC!

The exchange rate of Bitcoins is above 700 USD at Asian exchanges and over 660 USD at the Russian BTC-e. Although, the cryptocurrency has become rather unpredictable nowadays, it's a risky asset that's almost certainly in a bubble.

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