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New 100 $ Bill Launches Tomorrow

The Federal Reserve will launch the redesigned 100 $ bill tomorrow, on October 8th, 2013.

The note incorporates new security features and even from the point of view of design, it's significantly more different from previous US dollar bills.

Although the new note will only be launched tomorrow, it was unveiled back 2010 already.

The color gold appears in on the note abundantly, which has lead to speculations about a "coming gold standard in the USA".

More exactly, on the new 100 dollar note's front: the bottom-right number "100" appears in gold (also larger), the's an ink well also in gold (which according to some resembles the famous "Liberty Bell"), the background handwriting is in golden color and so is the feather.

The back of the banknote features a huge vertical "100" number.

On both sides of the note, the gold-colored elements appear on the right side.

It's interesting to observe that the "100" number appears both in black and white and in gold as well. 3 times in black and white on the front, 1 time in gold. 2 times in black and white on the back, where the vertical gold writing appears a single time in gold color.

The watermark also appears in gold color.

Rather unusual is the uneven distribution of the new elements. All golden elements are found on the right part of both the front and the back part of the note.

The green numbers on the previous (current version) of the 100 $ bill will be swapped for a golden version. The "100" will appear in gold color.

The new 5's, 10's, 20's and 50's are already in circulation. Except the 5 dollar bill, all others have golden writing on the bottom-right part, showing the denomination. The 5 dollar bill has a peculiar shiny violet number "5", but only on its back, on the bottom-right corner.

For now, the new 100 $ bills will be equally as valuable as the old ones.

More information is available about the new note this site.

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