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Miami Herald: "Miami is a Magnet for Gold"

According to this article published in the Miami Herald, the big city in southern Florida is one of the USA's main hubs for gold trade.

Most of the gold entered and left Miami through the Miami International Airport, but overall - gold was the top import and export item from the local customs district.

In 2012, more gold passed through Miami than any other US custom district and in terms of outbound shipments of gold, the city ranked 3rd on a nationwide scale.

The gold arrived primarily from sources (mines) in Colombia, Mexico, Bolivia, Peru and the gold trading center located on the island nation of Curaçao.
Much of the gold exiting the USA went to Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates.

According to the same publication, the refineries in south Florida are some of the largest in North America. Bullion trading, assaying, refining and logistics, as well as financing operations are also being carried out there.

The operations are carried out by keeping a low profile and most businesses are family-run companies.

Although the city of Miami has such a tremendous importance in the gold business, it is nowhere near the major places for buying gold abroad. Places like Dubai, Istanbul, Hong Kong and Switzerland are among the best places where you can buy physical gold. Therefore, gold tourism thrives there. This is not the case with Miami, though.

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