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James Rickards January 2014 Interview:
He Expects 9,000 Dollar Gold

In a recent interview (this month, in January 2014), James Rickards has told he's expecting gold to climb as high as 9,000 US dollars.

The interview was made by financial journalist, Lars Schall and it's longer than 33 minutes. It's below the text, you should listen to it.

According to James Rickards, the Fed doesn't want gold to go up in a "disorderly manner", therefore they're trying to suppress its price, so that it climbs in a rather "orderly" (gradual) way.

He is also telling us about the Fed using "various price depression techniques" in order to reduce the price of gold.

These include paper gold and physical gold selling as well.

Rickards is expecting a runaway inflation. And the loss of confidence in paper currency will mean much higher gold prices and central banks will also have to turn to gold.
He then tells us he expects 7-8-9 thousand dollar gold price.

Rickards believes China has approximately 4,000 tonnes of gold - which is roughly 3,000 tonnes more than the currently officially recognized amount.

Towards the end of the registration, Rickards makes a strong point by asking the rhetorical questions:

"If gold has no role in the monetary system, then why do China buy [...]?"

"Are they stupid or do they know something you don't?"

He then goes on telling us that we're getting closer and closer to a the collapse of the international financial system.
And either a partial or a full gold standard might arrive.
If this will happen, then those who hold physical gold will gain from this.

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