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Market Watch: Commodity Market News,
Analysis, Trends, Forecasts

The first step in any investment process is thorough documentation. Under "Market Watch" you'll be updated on the latest changes, trends, forecasts regarding the commodity market.

The prices of precious metals are influenced by a wide variety of interlinked factors and we'll try to understand these complex processes.

We're constantly updating our readers on the developments on the international markets. This makes investing easier to you!

You will know what to buy, when to buy, how to buy and most importantly: you'll comprehend the mechanism of the global economy better. It will be easier to predict the coming economic crashes and invest at the right time - once you understand the mechanisms of the economy!

We are analyzing a wide variety of factors and events and we deliver you the essence.

Commodities are moved and shaken by the price of oil, political events, the decisions and policies of central banks (such as the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank), social events, food demand and supply, the production and demand of precious metals, the activities of banks, forex market speculations and manipulations...

Our latest updates on news and market trends can be accessed below...

Russia Buys 30 Tonnes of Gold

Russia has recently increased its gold reserved by 30 tonnes, after a pause of 2 months.
Currently, Russia's gold bullion reserves reach 1,238 tonnes.

Is Gold Set to Fall Much Lower?

A plethora of market analysts expect gold to fall further down, to head towards 1,000 $ and some say it's strongly bearish and could drop as low as 600 $.

Gold Has Strong Support Around 1,200 $

Gold has fallen back, slightly below 1,200 $ following the January price spike. Whatever happens in the future will be determined by how gold reacts to the 1,200 $ level.

Russia Has Launched its Own New SWIFT Service

Russia's own SWIFT system is allowing domestic banks to communicate with each other, intermediated by the Central Bank of Russia.
In mid-February, there were already 91 interlinked institutions in the system.

Proof (Again) That Gold is an Excellent Safe Haven Asset

Gold is a wonderful safe-haven asset, especially if you're considering protection against currency devaluation.
The proof came again as the shock of the ECB launching its own QE programme.

ECB-launched QE Propels Gold High

The ECB is following Shinzo Abe's and Ben Bernanke's "recipe": the eurozone's quantitative easing programme has just been announced!
The obvious consequence: gold's price spiked!

Gold and Silver Jump as Swiss Franc Cap Gets Cut

Gold's and silver's price jumped up yesterday after the Swiss National Bank has given up on the Swiss franc's peg to the euro. Precious metal investors have rejoiced.

Russia: Gold and Oil Price Developments

It is already widely known that oil's huge price drop is to blame for the Russian rouble's strong devaluation.
What measures Russia is undertaking to cope and what consequences might follow, you'll be able to read in this article.

The Fed Ends QE

Finally, the Fed's quantitative easing round has ended - November 2014 is the first month since 2008 without QE.

Russia Buys More Gold to Counteract Sanctions

In order to counteract the West's sanctions and to build up safety reserves, Russia is buying more gold. They've almost tripled their reserves since 2005!

Now You Have to Pay to Keep Your Money at the Bank!

As consequence of the ECB lowering interest rates drastically, depositors will now have to pay for their deposits.
This hit the euro negatively, the dollar has gained from it and investors are running away from euro deposits.

The Dropping Oil Price is Hitting the Rouble

Oil's price is falling wildly, which is affecting the rouble's strength versus the US dollar.
This also contributes to gold's further price fall, but it threatens the Russian currency.

The Dramatic Rise of Palladium

Palladium wasn't hit by the gold and silver crash, in fact - it quickly returned back to normal after a mild correction and it's currently way above the previous peak.

Golds Price to Fall Further this Autumn

There's a profusion of bearish elements influencing gold's price negatively.
The "king of metals" will most probably continue to become cheaper this autumn. We should prepare for lower prices in the September-November interval.
HSBC speaks of a low of around 1,150 $.

Russia-West Economic Warfare
and the Consequences on Precious Metal Prices

The tensions between the West and Russia have lead to drastic sanctions against the latter by the USA and the EU.
The supply of certain precious metals may be affected, driving their price higher. This is already visible in palladium's spot price.

Gold May Be Bottoming?

Gold may be bottoming. Clear signs are pointing out at this phenomenon.

Gold Bubble Burst or Correction?

Has gold' price dropped because of a bubble or, is gold just correcting, taking a pause only to rise up again?

Marc Faber Still Believes in Gold

Not so long ago, in a Kitco interview, Marc Faber has expressed his belief in gold.
Credit growth and money printing will eventually fuel gold's price.

Gold Gains as a Result of Geopolitical Events

Recent geopolitical events, especially the ones in Iraq and the Ukraine have boosted gold's price. Silver followed.

Russia is Preparing to Bypass the Petrodollar System

Russia will shock the petrodollar system, it it starts selling oil in rubles instead of dollars.
It gets even worse for the dollar: other commodities and weapons will also be sold in their national currency.

Russia's Gold Ruble System Could Delink it From the Dollar

Russia is responding to Western sanctions with a new payment system - according to Russian media. This new system might break the country away from the dollar.

Gold's Price May be Headed for the 1,220's

A new forecast is telling us that gold's price will hover in the 1,220's range with a trading interval between 1,100-1,400 dollars throughout 2014.

VISA and Mastercard Ban on Russia
Sparks Further Financial Warfare

Following the outbreak of the Ukraine conflict and the breaking away of the Crimean Peninsula, the West has rushed to sanction Russia economically. This could be the start of a major economic-financial conflict.

Currency Crises are Breaking Out Throughout the World

While the US dollar and the euro are still standing, the World is full of currency crises.
This is an analysis of 4 of these and take a look at the possibility of such events occurring elsewhere.

Where the Fed's Taperings Might Lead...

Money printing is generally frowned-upon by analysts, but could the tapering backfire?

Cryptocurrencies - Pyramidal Schemes?

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Primecoin, Dogecoin, Terracoin, Namecoin, Novacoin... just a few of the more than 100 digital currencies that exist.
Are they real currencies or mere speculative pyramidal games?

Russia Bans Bitcoins

Russia strangles Bitcoin transactions amid a serious price dip. It's not the first country to do so and certainly not the last one either.

A New Cryptocurrency Becoming Trendy:
Dogecoin's Dramatic Rise

Dogecoin is the next trendy cryptocurrency and in many ways it is already perfoming better than Bitcoin or Litecoin.

James Rickards January 2014 Interview:
He Expects 9,000 Dollar Gold

In a recent interview, James Rickards revealed his thoughts on the US economy, the Fed's policies and gold. He expects gold's price to hit as high as 9,000 dollars!

The Fed Has Decided: They'll Taper in January 2014

It came as a suprise: the Fed has announced yesterday that it will shrink monthly easing starting with January 2014.

China Stops Stockpiling US Dollars:
Causes and Implications

China won't buy any more dollars, nor euros. This decision comes amid China's gold stockpiling fever.
How will this impact the US dollar, the yuan and the global economy?
Find the analysis within this article...

How China is Pushing Bitcoin's Price Higher!

Bitcoins are gaining value and as more and more Chinese are buying it, real estate firms are also encouraging the use of Bitcoins.

Bitcoin Bubble Growing Higher Next Week

It dipped seriously this week after scoring its all time high of 823 $.
Bitcoin is expected to surpass the 1,000 $ level next week and may reach well above 1,500 $, even - experts predict!

How a Norwegian Man Got Rich With Bitcoins

Bought almost 27 $-worth of Bitcoins in 2009, which scored a value of over 880,000 in 2013!

Cryptocurrency Craze - Digital Currency Rush!

Are you on the boat? Cryptocurrencies are spreading like wild fire. More info here...

Could Litecoin Follow Bitcoin's Path?

Litecoin is on the rise. Its price has more than doubled during the first half of November. Those who missed buying cheap Bitcoins can get in an buy Litecoins!

Gold and Silver 2014 Price Forecasts

What do the experts Jim Rogers, Eric Sprott, Marc Faber and Tom Fitzpatrick predict for 2014? Where will gold and silver land next year? Video by SilverCoinNews.

IMF Suggests 10 % Bank Deposit Taxation

Investors' and economists' communities are talking about a possible bank deposit taxation in the eurozone, pushed by the IMF.

Why Are Central Banks Buying Gold?

During these difficult times, central banks have been accumulating physical gold. But why are they doing this and how much of their reserves do they hold in gold?

Israel Could Become The First Cashless Country

The government has proposed to eliminate cash from the society for more control over money flows. Though, the implications could potentially harm the Israeli economy.

New 100 $ Bill Launches Tomorrow

The new 100 dollar bill will be launched tomorrow. Some believe it's a sign of a new gold standard in the USA. Details in this article...

High Bank Run Risk in the USA!

There's an elevated risk for bank runs in the United States.
Read this to see what it's all about!

US Government Shutdown

The Congress couldn't agree on a budget plan and we're seeing a budget crisis unveiling. Could this lead to a US default?

All Eyes are Watching the FOMC Meeting Today

What happens to the monthly QE? Will the Fed taper or not? Will gold and silver head north or south? Watch the news unfold!

CitiGroup: Gold to 3,500 $, Silver to 100 $

On the back of the Middle Eastern geopolitical crises, gold and silver have rallied again. CitiGroup's Tom Fitzpatrick is predicting 3,500 $ gold and 100 $ silver.

Closer and Closer to the Global Collapse

The current events are bringing us closer and closer to a global financial collapse. Read further to understand.

HSBC: Gold Has Room for Further Gains

Gold has rallied and surpassed 1,400 $ and according to HSBC, it could rise further!.

Why are Silver and Gold Rallying?

Gold and silver are getting more and more expensive. After the serious correction that we've seen, this came as a shock. To some positive, to others negative
But why are precious metals rallying? Can this be the sign of a bull market?

Powerful and Surprising Gold and Silver Spike

It came as a shock to many as gold and silver climbed high this week. Gold touched levels above 1,370 $, silver reached above 23.50 $ this Friday.

Peter Schiff on the Popping of the New Bubble

Peter Schiff is predicting a coming major financial crisis that will be far deeper than the one we saw in 2008. Details in the article and the embedded video.

The Japanese Economy Could Destroy the Dollar

The Japanese economy might be standing at the edge of a major financial crisis, which could have cataclysmic effects on the US dollar.

US Mint Sells Less Gold Coins, While Silver Coin Figures Oscillate

Since the gold crash, less US Mint-made gold coins were sold, but silver coin sales keep jumping up and down.

GOFO Rates Turned Negative, Gold Bull Market Ahead?

The gold forward offered rates turned negative at the beginning of the year and the number continued to plunge in July. Some say this could signal the next gold price uproar.

Miami Herald: "Miami is a Magnet for Gold"

More gold passed through Miami in 2012 than through any other city in the USA. How come? Let's see why and how!

Why You Can Still Believe in the Value of Precious Metals

Gold and silver prices have dropped significantly since mid-April, but interestingly platinum and palldium still stayed strong.

Asian Governments Buying More Gold in 2013

Despite gold having crashed quite abruptly and dissappointed a large number of small stackers and gold bugs, the governments - especially Asian those of countries - have bought more gold in 2013.

A Chinese Recession Could Drag the Entire World Down

The Chinese economy is showing worrying signs that point out at a possible crisis, one similar to the 2008 financial crisis in the United States.

Could the 1976 Gold Crash Scenario Happen Again?

While most worry while witnessing gold's sharp price decreases, there are people who are hoping for a skyrocketing gold price. That's what happened after the 1976 crash, when gold dropped roughly 50 %, only to shoot up 800 %!

Gold Falls Below 1,200 $

Gold has proved some grim price forecasts right: it has dipped below 1,200 $ this Thursday.

Shrinking Gold Price is Hurting the Mining Industry

The price of gold has been going down for more than one and a half months. Currently it is closer to the critical level where mining gold no longer is profitable for the producers.
Many mines could close, if gold gets "too cheap".

France Officially Slips Into Recession

France's economy falls - the country has slipped into recession and it's officially confirmed. The GDP fell by 0.2 % in the first quarter of 2013.

HSBC: Asian Physical Demand for Gold Remains Strong

Gold's price has been rising for a while and, according to HSBC, the Asian physical demand is still strong.

Nouriel Roubini is Strongly Bearish on Gold

Roubini's outlook on gold is very negative. He expects the shiny metal to fall to 1,000 $.

ETFs Brought Gold Down, While Physical Demand Rose

It's the ETFs that have brought gold's price down. Physical demand for gold is still significant.

Credit Suisse: Gold Could Fall Below 1,000 $ in 5 Years

Shocking prediction by Credit Suisse - gold to fall below 1,000 $ in the coming years.

Gold Becoming Extremely Volatile
Amid Downward Cascade Trading

Gold is oscillating wildly, as it has become extremely volatile, similar to silver. The uncharacteristic volatility of gold is making it a less stable asset this year. Some investors are evading the gold market.

How and What Bullion Dealers Sold Out this April and May

Many bullion dealers have sold out the most popular investment coins and bars from their inventory following the April gold crash.

Silver Crash Imminent, as Key Support Level Has Been Cut

Silver is about to crash. At least, by looking at the fundamentals, the market trends and recent developments.

Is This a Good Opportunity to Buy Silver?

Silver has gotten cheaper. Could this be a good opportunity to buy more of it?

Why Precious Metals are Dropping Further in Mid-May

The April gold crash wasn't the last road leading downwards. Precious metals have continued droppins in May as well. Let's look more into this issue.

Gold Crash Boosts Physical Demand for Precious Metals

Gold crashed for mixed reasons, partly due to ETF liquidations, but now we're seeing an increasing spot price due to increased appetite for bullion.

Gold's Sharp Correction Could Propel it Much Higher Later?

Could gold shoot up after this crash? Prime Values has investigated. Read this for details...

How Silver Could Crash

Precious metals have proved us that they can indeed crash during recession. Could silver follow gold? Let's find out!

Why is Gold Crashing?

Gold has crashed and it's set to go even lower. But why did this dip occur?

Pick Gold Bottom for Investing - How Low Will it Go?

In order to invest wisely, it's vital to buy as low as you can. And there's nothing better than being able to pick the bottom. Let's see where gold's bottom price could land!

The Fed to Cut QE3 in Q4

Monetary easing might be itself eased in Q4, 2013. Expect a reduction of QE of over 40 %. The likeliness is insensifying and if it really happens, precious metal prices will suffer.

Cascade-like Fall Scenario for Precious Metal Prices

Gold, silver, platinum and others might continue the downward "trip". Precious metals may continue falling further in a cascade-like scenario. Prime Values has investigated the possibility and the factors.

East Asia is Buying Gold Massively

Countries in East Asia are buying immense amounts of gold. And this time, the powerful bulls are fed by the population's hunger for precious metals.

What Could Bring Gold Further Down?

Gold just dipped below 1,500 $. Sings show it could go a lot lower...

Cheaper Gold Prices Bring New Opportunities to Buy Bullion!

Gold's price is sinking. But the best buying opportunity is still ahead!

Japan Pumping 1.4 Trillion $-worth Stimulus
in Less Than 2 Years!

The Bank of Japan is engaging into monetary easing that will reach immense volume - it will even exceed the Fed's QE volume.

Huge Emerald Found in Russia

Luck strikes: a huge emerald stone was found in Russia. Owner could cash in between 1-2 million dollars from the sale of the green stone in excess of 57,000 carats.

Fed to Trim QE This Summer?

QE might be reduced. Some voices from within the Fed are pointing out to the slowing of money-printing, which might happen in the second half of 2013.

Signs of the EU Wanting to Devalue the Euro

The EU might weaken its common currency. There are signs pointing out to a possible future euro devaluation of 30-40 %.

How Much Lower Can Gold Go?

We're seeing the most serious dip in gold's price in years. It's the lowest level reached by the shiny metal since 2011. But how much lower can it drop?

Sub 1,500 $ Gold, Sub-26 $ Silver in mid-April

Gold dropped considerably this Friday, scoring the lowest in 2 years. Sub-1,400 $ gold means both nightmare and an opportunity: depends on your scope and on your perspectives...

Goldman Sachs Turns More Bearish on Gold: 1,450 $ Eyed

Goldman Sachs just modified its predictions for gold prices this year. Again, the level is lower. Goldman sees gold at an average of 1,450 $.

Zimbabwe to Introduce the Yuan?

Zimbabwe issuing the US dollar a substitute for the Zimbabwean dollar, which had hyperinflated several years ago. But now, Zimbabwe is thinking of introducing the Chinese renminbi instead.

European Companies are Accumulating US Dollar Reserves

A new trend: European companies are investing massively in US dollars, as an alternative to the euro. US dollar deposits are getting more popular and many are exchanging their euros into dollars.

The Demand for Paper US Dollars Has Increased!

Physical US dollars are high on the demand curve. More and more people are trying to obtain dollar banknotes.

Mongolia Expands its Gold Reserves

Mongolia joins the gold rush: the Asian country has recently expanded its gold reserves.

China and Brazil Agree Direct Currency Trade

China and Brazil will start using the real and the yuan in bilateral trade, avoiding the use of the US dollar entirely.

Société Générale Predicts Gold Crash to 1,375 $

Another financial institution is predicting lower gold prices. SocGen is strongly bearish, expecting 1,375 $ gold prices by the end of 2013.

Slovenia Could Be the Next Cyprus

Slovenia's GDP is decreasing and funds are melting away. The small country in the Alps could be the next domino piece to fall!

Cyprus: Account Holders Could Lose Over 80 % Or All

Shocking developments: Cypriot bank account holders could lose most or even all of their savings! Explicit words by their finance minister...

Hungary Might Be Affected By the Cyprus Wealth Tax

Hungary is among the first country to feel the effects of the developments in Cyprus. A large number of Hungarian companies have held their funds in Cypriot banks.

Consequences of the Cypriot Deposit Tax

The Cypriot bank deposit taxation will have severe effects on the country itself and on the entire region. Let's see what effects it could have.

The Cyprus Recipe - But Why Experiement in Cyprus?

The bailout plan in Cyprus is an experiment - similar events will certainly occur in the rest of Europe. But why did they try these measures on Cyprus?

Cyprus Bank Deposit Tax Could Reach 40 %!

The latest proposal by the Cypriot government would tax deposits holding over 100,000 euros with a colossal 40 % wealth tax!

Cyprus Wealth Tax Backfires: Withdrawals Abroad From Cypriot Banks

The bank deposit tax law in Cyprus (although still not voted yet) has already backfired: depositors are withdrawing large amounts of money from the offices of the affected Cypriot banks abroad!

Could the Euro's Crash Bring Gold's Price Down?

The eurozone's economic and financial problems are a lot worse than the US' problems. It's obvious that the euro will devalue before the US dollar, but what will happen to precious metals? Could gold's price fall with the euro?

North Korea is Selling Gold

Recently, North Korea has sold 2 tonnes of gold to China, worth approximately 100 million US dollars. Interestingly, the country of North Korea is believed to have deposits of gold in excess of 1,000 tonnes and, to some estimates figures could even reach 2,000 tonnes!

SUCRE - A Latin-American Alternative Currency

Another factor that is weaking the US dollar's position: the SUCRE is a new Latin-American alternative currency. It's gaining popularity already. Let's see more about it...

Forbes - Gold Crash to 600 $?

Another painful gold price prediction (to stackers especially): 600 $ - this time the source is Forbes.com.

Cyprus Crisis Could Trigger Bank Runs Across Europe

We've looked deeper into how the wealth taxation and withdrawal panic on Cyprus can influence the entire region of Europe. It's a dangerous phenomenon that could spread. Don't underestimate the influence of these factors by looking at the map, thinking "Cyprus is just a small island". The impact is far greater than most can imagine!

Steps and Signs in 2013 Leading to the Total Financial Collapse

2013 will bring events and will show signs of phenomena leading to the global financial collapse predicted by so many economists. Check this article to see some of what those signs could be.

Cyprus Bank Deposits Tax Sparks Bank Run

The government of Cyprus has recently introduced heavy taxes on bank account holdings. The population responded with a bank run to withdraw their cash.

Chinese Crisis Approaching? 2008 Scenario Similarities...

China's economy has been slowing down during the recent period, but now economy analysts are predicting a 2008-style crisis for the Asian giant.
Why is this slowdown happening and how would a Chinese "slip" into crisis affect gold and silver prices?

States in a Gold Run: Countries Repatriating Their Gold Reserves

Massive gold repatriation and gold buying is taking place from the side of the national banks around the World. Countries are buying and returning their gold held inside vaults abroad. Something is about to happen...

Is the Gold Bull Market Over?

Gold never reached the predicted 2,000 $ per ounce level. Instead, it's trading sideways, hovering under 1,600 $. Is the decade-long gold bull market over?

Bitcoin - New Alternative Digital Currency

A new alternative currency is out since 2009, yet many are still unaware of its existence... Bitcoins are computer-generated and function in parallel with the current financial system.

A New Gold Standard to Emerge?

Could we see a new gold standard to be put in place in the near future? There are concrete signs pointing out to the possibility of a gold standard, as gold's importance in the global economy increases on behalf of the dollar's and euro's weakening.

Does the US Still Have Its Physical Gold Reserves?

Countries and individuals are hoarding physical gold as the World's fiat currencies are weakening. But how well-protected is the US from this point-of-view? Does the USA still have its physcial gold reserves (purportedly in excess of 8,000 tonnes)?

Kitco: "Currency Wars Escalate"

According to a recent Kitco interview, the currency wars are not only ngoing, but also escalating. Interview with Vince Lanci.

Kitco on Gold's Price if QE Gets Slashed

What will happen to gold's price if the Fed decides to shrink quantitative easing? Here's a video interview from Kitco.

Coober Pedy (Australia) - Immense Shale Oil Reserves Discovered!

The discovery of huge shale oil reserves in Southern Australia could propel the continent-country to an oil exporting mega-power.

Gold to Dip Below 1,200 $?

No, it's not the Saxo Bank prediction from 2012, it's more banks now - many have reduced their maximum gold price predictions for this year. More and more are expecting gold to drop to somewhere around 1,200 $ in 2013.
How, why could this happen? Let's see the forces and events behind.

The Fed to Slow Down QE?

Could it be: less quantitative easing? The Federal Reserve might be working on lightening the monthly bond-buying program.

What if the Fed Doesn't Have the German Gold?

Amid "gold repatriation fever", what would the implications be, if the German gold (supposedly) held by the Fed isn't there?

Gold Demand Declined in 2012

The demand for physical gold has declined in 2012. We're looking deeper into the causes and giving you figures as well.

Greek Bank Run Spikes Gold Rush

The Greek economic crisis-triggered bank run implicated a gold run. Greek citizens are rushing to withdraw their bank savings in cash and they're buying gold.

Why is the Bundesbank Repatriating their Gold?

Why are the Germans withdrawing their gold from abroad? Taking a look at the possible causes of bullion repatriation...

Russia - the Biggest Buyer of Gold?

China and India appear more in the media as "big buyers of gold", but how much is Russia actually buying? Some reports show that Russia actually gathered 25 % more during the past decade than China! This makes Russia the biggest buyer of gold!

Argentina Bans US Dollar Savings

The Argentine government banned the purchase of dollars for the sake of saving. This drastic measure came during a national economic slowdown, while citizens were constantly selling pesos for dollars, as a hedge against currency devaluation.

Where Countries Hold Their Gold: the Federal Reserve's Gold Vault

Probably the biggest gold vault in the World: the Fed's New York building holds an immense treasure. Most people don't know what's there, yet they pass the building by every day...

Japan Joining China and India in Buying Gold

The Japanese government launched their own way of printing money - they're increasing the volume of the Japanese yen. The population is reacting by purchasing gold.

Venezuela Has Repatriated 160 Tons of Gold

While Germany requires 7 years to repatriate their gold from foreign vaults, Venezuela did it in little over 2 months!

Economies Across the World are Slowing Down

It's shocking truth: national economies across the World are slowing down. It's not just the PIGS countries and the USA. China, Russia and "Europe's economic engine" - Germany is reporting slow GDP growth as well.

It Will Take 7 Years to Repatriate Germany's Gold

It has already hit the news in late 2012: Germany will repatriate their gold held inside vaults in New York and Paris. The transfer process is expected to take 7 long years!

Azerbaijan Wants to Increase Gold Consumption

The oil rich country in the Caucasus is accumulating gold and encouraging mining. Azerbaijan has impressive amounts of gold under the ground, waiting to be exploited and, it's planning to double the physical holdings in 2013.

Currency Wars are Ongoing

They're not fought with tanks and warplanes, but their effects can be devastating to national economies and even to your personal wealth!

What are currency wars? Are there any currency wars undergoing?

Brazil Doubles its Gold Reserves

In a rush to buy more gold, Brazil has doubled their reserves in as little as 3 months in autumn 2012! This emerging BRIC economy is has become another major influencer of gold prices.

How the Petrodollar System Works

You might have heard it very often: "petrodollar" - but what does that actually mean? We're explaining how this system works...

Iran to Phase Euro and Dollar Out of Foreign Trade

As a response to sactions by the USA and the EU, Iran is responding by avoiding the euro and the dollar in trade with other countries.

The Germans are Hoarding Gold

According to a study, the German population is among the biggest buyers of gold in Europe. It's impressive how much the average German owns!

Azerbaijan is Buying Up Gold

Azerbaijan is one of several countries turning towards gold investments. The country has recently purchased a sizeable amount of gold and intends to store it domestically.

China Wants to Double its Gold Consumption in 3 Years!

China is putting more energy into buying and producing more gold. The government is taking measures to dramatically increase gold consumption - said to double by 2015.

Germany's Bundesbank to Pull Their Gold From Abroad

Germany's Bundesbank has announced the repatriation of a sizeable amount of their gold held in foreign vaults. A total of 674 tonnes of gold will be returned to Germany.

Platinum Overtakes Gold

Platinum has been trading cheaper than gold for quite a while. Now we've seen an uproar in early 2013, it even surpassed gold's price for the first time in 10 months!

Gold Price Crash in 2013-2014?

Gold is not immune to devaluation either!

Here are 10 rock solid reasons why this hard asset could have softer prices as soon as 2013! To avoid any wealth loss, you'd better take account of all these key factors!

Japanese are Rushing to Gold?

Recent intense monetary easing by the Bank of Japan and other factors have substantially wekened the Japanese currency.

Investors - small and big, but even a portion of the population is engaging into purchasing gold as a hedge against the yen's devaluation.

Is Japan joining China in buying up gold massively? Are we seeing the beginning of a coming "Japanese gold rush"?

US Dollar's Fate: Slow Death Rather than Quick Crash?

Speculations are generally talking about a quick devalutation of the US dollar. Will the strong American currency crash suddenly or will its demise occur following a "prolonged bleeding" process? Signs are pointing at a slow devalutation.

Trillion Dollar Platinum Coin Issue Proposed

A surprising proposal has been made. One that even hit mainstream media news channels: the US might engage into releasing 1 trillion dollar-worth platinum coins. This is still only a proposal, a speculation, but it is technically and legally possible.

How the Death Petrodollar System's Death
Will Put an End to the US Dollar

The petrodollar system is among the main factors keeping the American currency strong. Once this system dismembers, the US dollar will crash as well.

Did Goldman Sachs Manipulate Gold's Price Downwards?

Did Goldman Sachs hit gold's price down in late 2012? That's what Jim Sinclair (also known as "Mr.Gold") believes. Let's see more about this...

Marc Faber Negative About the Euro and Gold,
Positive About the US Dollar

In a recent interview to CNBC, economist and investor, Marc Faber has expressed his feelings about the US currency and gold. He is expecting the correction of gold to continue and he's positive about the dollar.

"QE Infinity" and its Consequences

More talking, more rumors of "QE infinity"... Will Keynesianism prevail in stimulating the US economy or will this measure destroy the value of the dollar?

What consequences could this have and when will this money-creation start?

Possible Scenario: Cheaper Precious Metals
Due to More Expensive Dollar on Behalf of the Euro Crash

Could precious metals fall and could the US dollar gain strength?

There's a high probability that this scenario will happen until 2015. Let's see together...

Grab Your Cheaper Bullion Before New Year!

Due to various influent factors, the prices of precious metal investment products might drop significantly before January 2013. The trends before the elections are bearish and the motivation for bulls is weak. Expect cheaper prices on gold, silver and perhaps other metals before New Year 2013.

Possible QE3 Extension in December 2012?

The FOMC has been discussing the possibility of exapanding quantitative easing that had been decided upon in September 2012. This might occur right after US elections, in December 2012.

QE3: High Bump For Gold, But Dip Came Soon

The long-redicted 3rd round of quantitative easing has arrived in September. It brought gold's price high, hovering just under 1,800 and ounce. Then a rather quick dip followed...

14 Factors that Can Push Gold's Price Higher

If you know what influences the price of an ounce of gold, then you will be able to invest wisely. Know what moves gold up and down, understand the trends before investing.

QE3 Temporarily Delayed

Ben Bernanke has been rather soft in his declarations, but experts say the next quantitative easing will probably occur just before or after the US elections.

The Euro's Crash: Dangers & Opportunities

Despite the fact that the euro crash scares many, it also hides opportunities. "In every crisis there is opportunity"... Sounds familiar?

US Dollar to Be Strengthened by the Euro Crash

It's not a matter of "if", but rather "when" the euro crashes. It is highly possible that exactly then, the US dollar will gain more strength and this could pull the yellow metal down.

A Global Economic Collapse is Approaching

The 2008 recession that has started out in North America and Western Europe is far from resolving. It is spreading and will culminate as a global financial collapse.

The Crisis and Commodities - Outcomes for Late 2012

2012 will be decisive to commodity prices. The US elections, a possible conflict with Iran, the potentiality of Greece exiting the eurozone are among the key events.

The Effects of a Global Collapse and Possible Solutions

What will the economic cataclysm this implicate? Increased poverty? Social unrest, riots, conflicts? Healthcare crisis? Famine?

The Causes of the Global Economic Crisis

What caused the "fall into the pit" in 2008? We're unveiling the known and less-known causes of the economic crisis that has already become planetary...

Get Prepared for a Total Financial and Social Collapse!

The entire financial system, as we know it, will collapse soon. Fiat currency, paper money and bank accounts will not preserve wealth. But there are ways to prepare...

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