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Goldman Sachs Turns
More Bearish on Gold: 1,450 $ Eyed

Goldman Sachs has recently reduced its price targets for gold. They warn about price falling as low as below 1,300 $ by the end of 2014.

Goldman has shrunk the outlook for gold's average price from 1,610 $ to 1,545 $ for 2013 and this is the second downwards-updated price.

As for the end of 2013 they set a forecast of 1,450 $, while for 2014 they expect 1,270 $.

According to these predictions, gold will continue to sink. Eventually proving Prime Values' gold price drop prediction for the 2013-2014 period.

The recent April 12th gold pullback has dropped as low as 1,475.70 $. This is not far from the 1,450 $ year-end forecast by Goldman. When taking account of Goldman Sachs' figures, we can easily understand that gold might as well go below 1,400 $.

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