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Gold Crash Boosts
Physical Demand for Precious Metals

It's GLD that's being sold-off, not so much physical gold. While paper and digital gold owners are ending their positions, there's a sharp increase in physical gold sales.
Asia buys more gold - as a result of the Prime Values-predicted gold crash.

The crash we've seen was the sharpest relative decline of gold's price since 1980.

The sharp correction that brought the "king of metals" down to 1,360.60 $ an ounce was compensated by an upward spike of that brought gold above 1,470 $, that's over and over 100 $ an ounce increase.

We're still seeing more ETF liquidation this week and gold seems to bend downwards again.

According to MineWeb's recent article, physical gold stocks are falling around the World, as hunger for the precious metal soared. Asia and especially India, China are reporting massive gold sales. From MineWeb we also find out about the high premiums on gold "elsewhere" around the World.

Indeed, a plethora of bullion dealers have elevated their premiums in order not to sell for loss.

The demand is particularly high for gold in Hong Kong, mainland China, India, Japan, but also in the USA, Australia and the UK.

Oddly enough, the same article is telling us that the demand for gold bullion is now higher in Europe than in the USA.

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