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Get Prepared for a
Total Financial and Social Collapse!

A total financial and (therefore) social collapse is unraveling. Especially in Europe and the USA, it will have devastating effects on the lives of individuals, families and entire communities.
Preparing for this situation should be your number one priority.

Although the internet is full of scaremongers who spread distorted news, the concrete signs that the current financial system is unsustainable are there.
Also: should the financial system crash, it will have devastating social effects. This means social unrest, high food prices, potentially high inflation and a lot more.

This will be more than "just an economic crash", as it will have deeper effects on societies and on the way we live. First of all, the events will affect you wealth. And because in the modern World, pretty much everything is about money, your health, your security, even your daily food will be at risk!

The fiat money-based financial system is doomed to collapse: the euro and dollar will eventually devalue and this will implicate a Greece-like scenario (less jobs, poverty, riots etc.). The currency crisis will trigger the global collapse. It will spread like a pandemic across continents.

Naivety, unpreparedness will leave you undefended.

The current situation of the Western economies is severely dramatic, but the collapse hasn't happened yet as a single major event. In fact, we are living in the collapse that was ignited in 2008 already. It was the first step towards the total collapse. The financial crisis is deepening, we are nowhere near a solution.
Instead of expecting one single major cataclysmic even (like many are predicting a "dollar crash" the "euro crash"), we should rather see the series of events that compose it. It's a gradual process composed of multiple crashes and other phenomena (economic bubbles popping, currency devaluations etc.).

It is highly likely that by 2018, we will have already reached the low point of the disaster scenario. That doesn't mean it will have resolved by then, it only means it will have happened until then!

Right now, intelligent people are turning to investment metals as a hedge against currency devaluation.

Refuge towards safe assets includes: buying and owning land, precious metals etc.

While banks can go bankrupt or bank holidays can block you from withdrawing your money holdings and, while paper money can lose is value due to inflation, the precious metals will remain valuable and admirable for a long time in the future - as they've always been throughout history.

Financial safety and adequate precautions for the global economic collapse can be achieved in the following way:

 Diversify your asset portfolio: because money as we know it is unstable, invest in precious metals and buy land to diversify your assets!

 Diversify your hard asset portfolio as well: it's best to buy multiple types of metals and hold them in adequate quantities

 Cut spendings: minimize your expenses, don't buy anything you don't really need, focus on important things!

 Strive to maximize your income: especially if you are running your own business, it's best during times of crisis to focus on attracting liquidities, which you can use to buy hard assets and land (instead of developing your business or spending high amounts on education and other issues that will consume your wealth, focus on increasing your wealth)

 Reduce the amount of money held at your bank: don't hold much money at the bank, if your wealth is not in your hands (either in the form of cash, land, precious metals), it's not yours!

 Store food: have enough stored food for to ensure survival for at least 2 months (for you and your family) - cataclysmic economic events can lead to empty store shelves and skyrocketing food prices

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