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Forbes - Gold Crash to 600 $?

Forbes has published and article recently, according to which gold prices are set to fall very low, much lower than other predictions from major sources.

The article is predicting a "great gold sell-off". It also tells us that gold's production costs per ounce are between 610 $ and 660 $. According to Forbes, the minimum price to which gold could fall is around 638 $ an ounce.

Gold's mining and mintage costs aren't equal everywhere across the World. Some mines are more efficient, others likes. It's a similar situation in case of the mints. But as gold was in a decade-long bull market, even the least efficient producers could gain from this.

This Forbes article repeats the often-heard saying "gold takes the escalator up and the elevator down". This means we're ahead of a rapid and abrupt gold price fall.

Forbes is telling us that for retail investors, the "gold trade was both a fear and greed trade".

According to the same page, the monthly asset purchases by the Fed might be reduced by 45 billion $ a month in late 2013. QE4 would this way be a lot small than half of the current QE3 (also known as "QE infinity").

Prime Values' has previously predicted a gold price crash in 2013 or 2014. It seems like we're headed towards this scenario at an increasing speed. Watch the signs in the news and make sure you invest wisely.
For gold buyers it's wise to understand when and how to buy gold. Obviously the coming cheaper gold prices will only mean a great opportunity to buy up more! Our Investor's Guide section gives out information and advice on just that: when, how and even what to buy!

Gold is a sound asset, as it has intrinsic value and it shouldn't be underestimated, no matter how low prices will go. Picking the bottom is essential: we should buy more gold at the cheapest price possible. The global crisis will worsen and there will certainly be a second bull market.

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