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The Euro's Crash: Dangers & Opportunities

As strange as it may sound, the crash of the euro might bring benefits as well.

Among many consequences: the dollar might strengthen afterwards, so could the renminbi - therefore it might be a good opportunity to buy these currencies prior to the euro crash.

Certainly, the crash of the euro will happen in multiple waves.

The first wave could be a Greek default and as Greece would leave the eurozone, the common currency of the EU will take a severe hit. Rival currencies will gain, as forex speculators and banks, investors will jump to buy dollars and other currencies instead.

The second wave would come when at least one or more of the following countries suffocating in debt, will leave the eurozone: Italy, Spain, Portugal and France. It's highly possible that Spain and Portugal will be among the next candidates to exit the monetary union, a short while after Greece.

The angers are obvious: financial implications are severe and these will lead to deep poverty, as joblessness grows in these countries. Riots and social unrest are extreme cases that have already occurred in these countries, especially in Spain and Italy.

You can protect yourself from the potential dangers if you get rid of your euros at the right moment.

The US dollar will most likely rise at each "bump" the eurozone will go through. The strengthened dollar will push gold's prices lower.

An opportunity would be to buy dollars when the euro loses ground, then later sell it in exchange for precious metals like gold and silver. The next crash will be the dollar crash. But the euro collapse will occur much sooner. Experts have predicted Greece's exit for late 2011, then others predicted that this will happen in 2012, now it seems that we might go into 2013.

Keep all these factors in mind and invest wisely!

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