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The Effects of a Global Collapse
and Possible Solutions

The global economic collapse is nearing and intelligent solutions need to be thought out, proper measures need to be taken for ensuring personal wealth, financial safety.

The rise of oil prices, the inflation of the euro and the dollar will lead to severe poverty, riots even.

Paper money's value in general will be far lower than today. It's simply paper, it holds no value itself, it only has value attached and this can be obliterated by political, economical crises - as we have seen in the past, please read about the Great Depression.

Most likely there will be a currency crisis first. Namely, the US dollar and the euro (according to some, the Japanese yen, Australian dollar, the British pound) will crash, triggering severe financial crises in dozens of countries.

This will deepen economic crisis in Europe and the USA, especially, but also affecting Japan and countries economically tied to the USA and Europe.

Currency Crisis Will Generate the Economic Collapse

The economies of various countries are interlinked and the economic crisis will affect most countries of the Western World, as well as many other countries.

East Asia and the USA, Russia and the EU have strong ties with each other and the crash of the EU and the USA is near, as experts predict. Simply follow the news to see what is happening to the euro. Also: keep updated with the US-related news and notice that the country is not recovering from its debt crisis, in fact it is sinking deeper and deeper.

There will be less jobs in the USA, wages won't increase much and prices will continue to soar. Already, one can notice gasoline and food prices increasing.

All this in the context in which the United States plays an important role in the World's economy.

The US dollar has been the reserve currency of the World for roughly a century. The USA has immense debt, impossible to pay and the country's economy isn't recovering.

The USA has debt of roughly 16 billion US dollars. Experts say that America won't be able to pay its debt. It simply doesn't have the funds for it. The whole World combined couldn't help the US pay off its gigantic debt accumulated.

US treasuries have been sold to China, which means that the US exported its debt. China has already taken measures to reduce its holdings of US treasuries. And so it did with its holdings of dollars.

The dollar is bound to crash due to risks of hyperinflation. The federal reserve is printing more and more money just to keep paying its debt. But this inflates the currency and the trend will continue until a huge blow will culminate in the hyperinflation of the US dollar.

Some notable nations gradually getting rid of the US dollar in trade are China, India and Japan. They have been using their own currencies and gold in trading with their partners.

The US dollar is considered fiat money. It is not backed by silver, nor gold and it is exaggeratedly overvalued. It is destined to lose value. Investors and countries are struggling to get rid of this currency.

China is encouraging its citizens to buy gold and silver. This used to be forbidden for decades, but now the communist regime surprisingly encourages its population to invest in precious metals.

The Chinese government itself has started buying large amounts of gold in order to diversify their holdings of foreign exchange reserves and precious metals.

Billionaires and expert economists act similarly. They invest in gold and silver. If the billionaires and governments are getting out of the dollar, why shouldn't you?

After all, the fact that everyone is getting rid of it is contributing to its fall even more! The dollar will be worth less and less! And, while everyone smart is buying gold, its price will increase!

Right now, the price of gold is relatively low. How high will it be following the dollar's and euro's collapse is hard to imagine: it will shoot through the roof!

Right now, precious metals are the only safe assets to own.

These precious metals are at your disposal: protect your financial safety and ensure good, safe future for your family and loved ones. Paper money and bank accounts aren't safe reserves!

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