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Currency Wars are Ongoing

The long-predicted currency wars have started already. We are already witnessing them. They're not global yet, but we can see economic attacks on certain countries and we can also see politically-motivated boycotts.

Forex speculators can wage attacks on national economies by buying up and selling massive amounts of currency and bring down its value. Such attacks have been abundant against the Hungarian forint in 2011, 2012 and earlier.

Smaller economies are more vulnerable to such attacks.

Currency wars include the avoiding of the US dollar by certain countries (Brazil, Japan, China, Russia, Venezuela, Iran and others have engaged in substituting the dollar with other currencies or barter in bilateral trade) - this is sometimes not economically, but rather politically-motivated.

Forbes magazine has stated that "currency wars are heating up". We're only at the beginning of the process, but it's likely that we'll see more wide-spread currency wars in the form of speculative attacks, governments' manipulation, currency boycotts etc. in the future, as this crisis deepens.

Experts are still quite vague in explaining us how exactly these currency wars would be waged.

The masses are even unaware of the current events undergoing. Global currency warfare could deal a heavy blow to personal and family incomes, favings.

The result of currency wars will be currency value-loss (the attacked currencies are bound to devalue).

We have to keep in mind that a currency crisis is far more severe than "just an economic crisis". Of course, precious metals will help preserve your wealth, by protecting you from currency value-loss.

A large number of national economies have been gathering gold, possibly in order to have "backing" against any attack on their currency.

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