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Kitco: "Currency Wars Escalate"

A currency crisis is coming and the currency wars are unwinding right now.

According to this Kitco interview, Japan is one of the first countries that are devaluing their own currency.

Japan has been suffering of deflation and to them a slight inflation might turn out to be beneficial, considering their dependency on industrial exports.

Vince Lanci is telling us that Japan "needs to export itself out of recession". And a weaker currency is a katalist in this activity.

Japanese inflation in 2011 has been 0.3 %, and extremely low figure.

Lanci is also telling us that the intense gold buying by Russia is a signal pointing out to the end of the petrodollar system.

According to Kitco, a widening gap can be seen between the two bollinger bands, which is a signal of a bearish trend.

Daniela Cambone interview with Vince Lanci:

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