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Cryptocurrency Craze - Digital Currency Rush!

Bitcoins and Litecoins are the most popular cryptocurrencies at this time.

Bitcoins scored above 800 USD today and Litecoins neared 10 USD, scoring just under the psychological level.

But the price drops came soon: Bitcoin dropped to the 550's and Litecoin close to 8 USD during the first half of this trading day.

Nevertheless, the rise of cryptocurrencies is partly due to the main media channels picking up the subject of Bitcoin's fantastic rise (Bloomberg, Forbes, CNN, RT and others).

Bitcoin cost a few dozen dollars at the beginning of 2013 and Litecoin just under 7 cents. The latter had the most spectacular rise, although the vast majority of people still aren't aware of this fact.

Litecoin peaked at 9.99 USD on the Russian BTC-e exchange yesterday. Compare that price with the 0.07 USD tag earlier this January!

Litecoin increased exactly 144.78 times since January 1st, 2013!

If you would have invested 1,000 USD into this cryptocurrency, you would have scored 144,780 USD. One could buy a house with that!

At times when gold and silver are dipping, the cryptocurrencies have been rising quietly. Very few knew about it, very few saw this opportunity for profit making from the beginning.

We are living in a crpytocurrency rush.
But the bubble will eventually pop. Or is it popping already? As mentioned higher on this page, BTC diminished in price tremendously, dropping roughly 150 USD, but LTC still seems to be holding on.

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