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Credit Suisse:
Gold Could Fall Below 1,000 $ in 5 Years

As shocking as it may sound, Credit Suisse is predicting sub-1,000 $ gold within 5 years from now - as published by Bloomberg BusinessWeek on May 16th, 2013.

It's a paradox if we look at the fact that gold's price has been going down for a while amid massive monetary easing from many major central banks from around the World (it's not just the Fed who's printing more money, but the Bank of Japan, the European Central Bank and others as well).

Instead of inflationary, we're in a deflationary recession. Characteristic to this situation are lower prices. Although, food prices have been soaring World-wide.

In a January 3rd report, Credit Suisse called gold "a wounded bull". More recently, Credit Suisse's head of commodities research, Ric Deverell said he's expecting gold to fall down to around 1,350 $ during the next weeks.

Gold has indeed slipped to lower levels and has stayed below 1,350 $ for a while - as reported earlier on
Recovery has since propelled gold above 1,400 $ only to drop back to the high 1,300s.
Currently, gold is trading sideways.

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