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Could the 1976 Gold Crash Scenario
Happen Again?

Many are wondering whether the 1976 scenario could repeat itself. Back then, gold had crashed to roughly half price, but has managed to recover and even become 8 times more expensive in the following years.

Gold has already corrected roughly 35 %, but it could dip lower. A 40 - 50 % correction is possible, that would bring gold closer or even below overall average global production costs.

While some are talking about "the end of the gold bull market" and discourage others to invest in this hard asset, there are some who are actually hoping for the 1976 scenario to repeat itself.

Let's see an example: if gold crashes to 1,000 $ an ounce and if the 1976 scenario repeats itself, then an 800 % increase will bring it to 8,000 $.

It remains to be seen...

One thing is certain: no matter how low it crashes, bargain-hunters and speculators will certainly push it higher afterwards.

Those who know how to pick gold's bottom price will gain tremendously.

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