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How China is Pushing Bitcoin's Price Higher!

China is picking up Bitcoins. The price of the cryptocurrency has risen powerfully due to intense buying and, companies based in China are also opening their eyes to this new alternative currency.

Firms accepting Bitcoins now include: online gaming companies, but even real estate companies.

While Donald Trump's hotel is accepting Bitcoins (see article by CNBC), the cryptocurrency has also penetrated the Chinese real estate market.
Real estate has had a tremendous rise in China, but it too is a bubble. Interestingly, the housing bubble in China is transferring its energy into the Bitcoin market, inflating the latter's bubble as well.

BTC China, a leading Chinese Bitcoin exchange has some of the highest prices in Bitcoins.

There is no unique price for this alternative digital currency. The prices vary by region. Japan and China have the highest prices on Bitcoins. While they often traded above 700 or 800 $, Slovenian and Russian exchanges were still trading in the 600-700 $ range last week.

Naturally, when Asian markets pump up the price, the European ones follow.

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