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Cheaper Gold Prices Bring
New Opportunities to Buy Bullion!

Gold is in a correction period and investor sentiment has diminished. Owners of gold ETF's are ending their positions, stop-losses are getting set-off by the "downward ride", which brought the shiny metal under 1,500 $ an ounce just last Friday, the day before yesterday.

Read back and check the Prime Value prediction of the current gold crash to see the factors that are bringing it down. It's highly likely that we're only in the beginning phase of the "downward ride".

Gold will possibly fall lower and, according to some, gold could fall as low as 600 $. So far, silver is resisting after having dipped only slightly below 26 $.

Nevertheless, this is a tremendous buying opportunity. Picking the bottom is the hardest, but by watching the key factors on Prime Values' Market Watch it will be easier to find the best moment for a long position.

About cheaper gold prices, economist and author, Peter Schiff would say "it's another buying opportunity".

Jim Rogers "adventure capitalist" economist investor and author would say "if it goes down, I hope I'm smart enough to buy more".

Indeed, lower prices are part of a natural correction. It's rather unusual for a commodity to climb for more than 10 years. It was the time of a correction and experts foresaw this dip.

As soon as gold hits the bottom, investor sentiment will recover. Predictions are eyeing above 2,000 $ gold price levels, Jim Rickards even talks about long-term gold price reaching above 7,000 $.

Consider buying more physical gold, it's a long-term investment.
If you're new to the market and don't know much about precious metals, then check out the precious metal investments guide section of this site. Comprehensive material there will guide you through the processes.

The great climb is still ahead. Gold will spike following the dip.

The key to successful investing is when to get in.

The dipping gold hides a tremendous opportunity. Sharp dips are naturally followed by a steep bullish uproar.

It might as well be the opportunity of a lifetime to start investing in gold right in the middle of this downward correction.

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