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Cheaper Bullion Before New Year 2013?

Precious metal prices dipped after the QE3 round propelled them significantly higher in the first two months of autumn 2012.

What we can expect in November, probably extending into December 2012 is significantly cheaper prices on gold bullion and silver bullion products.

The positive joblessness reports, the end of the primary QE-induced bull run on gold, the undergoing US elections are the primary reason why the dollar is gaining value.

QE3 couldn's push gold above 1,800 $, in fact it dipped after hovering close under this value. Now we're registering values under 1,700 $. Despite predictions of "gold surpassing 2,000 and ounce", it seems like we're going to see cheaper gold and also silver prices as New Year nears.

This is a good opportunity for buying bullion, as prices of physical gold have reduced as a consequence. The bear market might not las for very long. Higher gold prices are expected after New Year and after the US elections and there's also a possibility for QE3 extension.

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