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Bitcoin Bubble Growing Higher Next Week

Forbes' article is talking about Bitcoin rising above 1,000 $ next week. The quoted expert, Walter Zimmerman from United-ICAP finds it even possible for the cryptocurrency to reach staggering heights above 1,700 $ during next week.

The interest towards Bitcoins is global, but China's intense buying is helping the bubble inflate.

The mentioned Forbes article says Zimmerman predicted a 689 $ level for Bitcoin last week. The prediction was proven right. Bitcoin scored 823 $ on BTC-e in Russia the day after that article was published.

A fall-back to 375 $ wasn't the end, as many suspected, because it quickly recovered and reached heights above 700 $, to be more exact: 774 $ on the mentioned Russian exchange.

If Zimmerman is right, we should expect Bitcoin to top 1,000 $ and possibly reach as high as 1,700 $ next week.

It's unclear for how long this bubble-inflation will continue. Those who sell high enough, but early enough will have to gain from this, but those who remain in the market for too long could be among the losers when this bubble bursts.

No-one can predict when the highly volatile Bitcoin's bubble will pop. For a while, it will continue to climb.

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