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All Eyes are Watching the
FOMC Meeting Today

The market's actors are awaiting the final decision of the Fed regarding tapering. If the result of today's FOMC meeting reflects a final decision regarding the modification of the dimension of the monthly qunatitative easing round, then this will reflect in precious metal prices.

Expect either much higher or much lower gold and silver prices.

Experts Peter Schiff and Jim Rickards believe the Fed will not taper. In fact, Schiff awaits an increased volume of monthly QE.

The month of September will be crucial for precious metal price trend-setting this year. Not onlt because of the September 17-18 FOMC meeting, but also because this event precedes the next one only by a few days - German elections are held this weekend, on September 22nd (the new government will have a huge impact on the euro's fate).

Towards the end of the month, we'll most likely see either a jump or a dip in commodity prices, especially precious metal prices.

Those who bought gold and silver during this "cheap period" will either rejoice and be able to collect profits, if the QE rounds remain the same or, if the increase. But if QE gets trimmed, we might even see sub-1,200 $ gold again, sub-20 $ silver again and the two key metals might even drop below previous lows touched this year.

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