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Petrodollars: Is The Crash Imminent?

The strong force keeping the dollar the World's reserve currency is showing signs of decay...

Will the petrodollar system resist the stress or is the demise imminent?

What would the consequences be?


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In recent years, the trends have been pointing towards a weakening of the dollar-for-oil system.

But so far, the US dollar has still managed to remain above the surface.

More detailed material related to this subject can be accessed easily through this hub-page.
Prime Values will keep you updated with fresh developments concerning the petrodollars.

1. How the Petrodollar System Works

In the trade of oil, the US dollar has become indispensable and has dominated the market throughout the 20th century.
Here's how this works...

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2. How the Death of the Petrodollar System
Will Put an End to the US Dollar

Should the petrodollar system dissolve or weaken substantially, the US dollar will go with it. But if this happens, it will be a gradually, step-by-step process.

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3. Russia is Preparing to
Bypass the Petrodollar System

In response to the West-imposed financial sanctions, Russia will phase the dollars out from oil trade (and not only!).

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