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Which Precious Metals to Buy as Investment?

Simply, the more funds you have, the more types of precious metals you should buy.
For someone with a limited budget silver and gold will do as a perfect reserve. Remember: these should be long-term investments, savings, rather. Prices will never stay constant, but on the long-term you will gain financial security.

Basically, these are your main options:

 Gold: generally it's the most expensive of all (sometimes platinum overtakes gold's price, but it's not a general rule) and it's also one of the least volatile metals in terms of price (more stable than silver); it's recommended to own some gold, because it's the easiest to re-sell should you require to do so

 Silver: some call it "the poor man's gold", the second most popular one - it's a great asset for those who have less money to invest; others like to buy silver because of its speculative profit-making potential - silver doesn't just help you save, it can make you rich!

 Platinum: not to be confused with "white gold" (that's an alloy), platinum is an expensive precious metal, which can come second to gold in your portfolio, but recommended rather when you already own substantial amounts of the shiny yellow "king of metals"

 Palladium: cheaper than platinum, far more expensive than silver, palladium is yet another white precious metal - consider it, when you already own gold (warning: palladium is slightly toxic), plus: it's getting more scarce

 Rhodium: quite toxic, very rare and generally available in the form of powder in sealed bottles, rhodium's price has been rising powerfully during the last period, experts predict more rise in price (though, rhodium is rather unstable in terms of price, proceed only fro speculation and only if you can afford to lose!)

Also do check the portfolio diversification tips!

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