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What Scares Europeans Away
from Physical Silver

Buying physical silver in the USA, Canada and Australia is a lot trendier than on the "Old Continent" - Europe.

Silver's tremendous potential for growth simply doesn't give much impulse for buying in Europe. Gold is preferred over silver and other precious metals like platinum are very unpopular.

Let's see why Europeans still favor gold a lot more than silver...

Here are several factors:

 High additional taxes on silver: most European countries force precious metal dealers to apply certain additional taxes (which is not necessarily the VAT) to investment silver products (the average is 10 %) - these additional taxes increase the selling price of any such product by at least 10 %

 Investment silver's cost is much higher than spot price: most European dealers sell investment silver at a price that's at least 50 %, but often even 75 % higher than silver's spot price (the additional taxes are added to the final price) - this makes silver bullion at least 1.5 times more expensive than spot price (in most cases)

 Silver is hard to re-sell in Europe: there are more gold buyer agents on the "Old Continent", so it's harder to sell it afterwards

 Silver is extremely volatile: its price jumps up and down and it's a lot less stable than gold from the price's point of view - naturally, this is true in the entire World, not just in Europe

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