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What Are Alternative Investments?

Apart from the "usual investments", there are alternative ones as well.
What these are, you'll better understand by reading the lines below...
"Standard" or "usual" investments include stocks, bonds, treasuries, foreign exchange or any form of cash etc. It's strongly comprehensive - we all easily understand why these constitute investments.

While the alternative investments - wines, antiques, coins, stamps, precious metals, but even private equity, hedge funds, carbon credits, venture capital and financial derivatives etc. are generally forgotten or even underestimated.

Some of these are tangible assets, while others are rather intangible.

There's a debate between some who believe that alternative investments should include only the tangible ones, like the antiques, wines, stamps, precious metals - for instance.

The typology of alternative investment vehicles is vast: apart from the ones already mentioned, it can also refer to paintings, old clocks and watches, crystals and minerals, old furniture, vintage cars and other vehicles and the list could go on...

Of course, you might also be interested in the solid reasons behind investing in them.

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