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The Perth Mint

The Perth Mint was founded in 1896 in Australia and is currently the country's biggest mint.
Originally The Perth Mint was founded as an Australian branch of the British Empire's Royal Mint. Other two branches functioning in this country have been founded earlier in Sydney (1855), Melbourne (1872).

The company used to manufacture gold coins for the British Empire. The gold sovereigns and half sovereigns were used as recognized currency in the empire's colonies.

Throughout its history until the year 2000, the Perth Mint's refined gold output represented 3.25 % of the total weight of gold ever produced.

You'll be surprised how many of today's gold ingots are produced by this company. Naturally, along with gold, a variety of platinum and silver products also leave their factory.

Explore bullion-selling sites and see their offers. You'll see a plethora of Perth Mint bars. They have one of the best quality plastic packaging. The case itself serves as a certificate and details regarding the gold bar's purity and dimensions, weight are printed on as well.

Certainly, there are coins made by Perth Mint as well. Among them: Australian Nugget, Australian Platinum Koala, Australian Silver Kookaburra.

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