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Britannia silver coin

Investors buy physical silver coins at Europe's guaranteed lowest price from CelticGold in Estonia, VAT-free.

Discounts of up to 3% for larger orders are available on the most known and circulated coins such as the Vienna Philharmonics, Maple Leaf and Britannia 1oz silver coins.

Non-commercial shipments of silver coins are not levied with import duties and/or vat within the European Union.

At CelticGold, the investor can buy unlimited amounts of silver vat-free and instruct a guaranteed and fully insured UPS delivery. The UPS Express shipment can be arranged via CelticGold's logistical partner CK Logistics. Of course, shipments can also be arranged with other couriers.

Who is CelticGold?

CelticGold AG founded in 2001 and based in Germany specialises in the trading of only the highest quality investment grade gold & silver coins and gold bullion at great prices.

The company offers one of the largest portfolios of investment gold & silver coins and bullion World-wide & guarantees to sell silver at Europe's lowest price from Estonia (the last tax free haven in the EU).

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CelticGold is based south of Frankfurt in Darmstadt, Germany and from secure vaults CelticGold provides buying and selling services for over 90 countries worldwide. The logistics is operated only through high security vaults in Germany and Estonia - we never have any precious metals at our offices.


VAT and Silver Prices in Europe

Silver investments are available in various ways. But only the direct physical ownership provides a maximum safety. Physical silver investments are offered in bullion (also called bars) and coins.

In Europe physical investment silver is subject to VAT. An EU country has one to four different vat rates. The normal rate and reduced rate(s).
2013 VAT rates can be viewed here.

A few examples for 2013 VAT rates:

   Standard rate  Reduced rate
 Austria  20 %  10 %
 Denmark  25 %  none
 Germany  19 %  7 %
 Ireland  23 %  9 %
 United Kingdom  20 %  none

All offered silver bars & coins in Europe are subject to the VAT Standard Rate. Currently there are only three countries with exceptions:

   Germany  Netherlands  Estonia
 Silver coins  7 % VAT until
 31. December 2012.
 19 % VAT from 1.1.2014
 Margin Ruling - a special ruling
 that charges 21 % VAT
 on the dealers margin.
 VAT Exempt =
 VAT Free
 Silver bullion  19 % VAT  21 % VAT  20 % VAT

Obviously if you can buy silver VAT Free through Estonia; the next question is:

How do I get the silver delivered - legally - without paying VAT?

Article 34 of the EC-guideline 2006/112/EC limits international sales of VAT-liable goods. The guideline says that the location where the contract is fulfilled is applicable to VAT. This guideline is only applicable when the bullion company ships to their clients.

Example 1:

UK resident buys with Estonian bullion dealer. The Estonian bullion company ships the silver to the UK.
VAT on silver to be charged = 20 %. As the location where the seller fulfils its contract is the UK (the customers' signature from the delivery releases the seller from its contract).

Example 2:

UK resident buys with Estonian bullion dealer. The UK resident instructs a courier service to pick up the silver from the bullion dealers vault. The location where the seller fulfils its contract is Estonia as the goods are handed over to the courier company in Estonia.
VAT on silver to be charged = 0%.

The ownership in example 1 is transferred in the UK. The ownership of the goods in example 2 is transferred in the UK.

How to buy silver with CelticGold at Europe's guaranteed lowest price on silver:

 1) Go to 'Buy Silver' on -> click here:

 2) Choose the products you like

 3) Check out and choose 'VAT free Silver shipped with CK Logistics'

 4) You automatically receive a shipping quotation for your order to be shipped with UPS Express Saver; neutral and fully insured to your door

 5) Pay silver order & pay courier

 6) Receive your silver legally without VAT at the lowest possible price for un-circulated, mint-state silver coins

 7) Done

How much does silver shipping cost?

There's only a handful providers that ship insured investment silver in Europe. As a rule of thumb: The more you ship the lower the shipping rate becomes per ounce.

Depending on the area you live in shipping starts from as low as 35 Euro and based on a 1oz coin costs are around 0.27 and 1.70 Euro depending on the total weight of the package.

For questions please email Stefan here:

To learn more about shipping visit:

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