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Investor's Guide:
How to Invest in Precious Metals
and Other Alternative Investment Vehicles?

For guidance, advice, techniques regarding precious metal and gemstone investments, please consult this section of Prime Values!

The precious metals market functions in a complex way and only those who know how, when and what to invest in, will benefit... Naive mistakes can land you in a "pit of losses". All information here is free of charge, but the benefits to you will financially materialize on your side...

It's the what, how, when and how much that count in precious metal purchases.

Here under the "Investor's Guide" section you will be able to learn how to invest, you will learn about opportunities, techniques but if you're interested in basic facts about hard assets and concrete investment products, then jump to our Hard Assets page!

Guidance, advice, suggestions on how to invest in precious metals and other hard assets can be found below:

Hyperinflation to Follow the Deflationary Crisis

Deflation (among other factors) is causing gold's price to sink. And we're already in the first phases of this phenomenon.
But the tide will turn and a runaway inflation will follow. Then, gold's price will rise once again, to much higher levels than in 2011. At least to precious metals expert, Michael Maloney.

Stacking Gold for Pension

As a security asset for pensioner years, it is recommended to regularly accumulate gold bullion over the years. So, by the time you get old, your gold will be a vital insurance asset beside you state-given pension.

What Drives Gold's Price

What makes gold move?
Regardless whether up or down, which are those factors that influence gold's price, have you wondered?
This article takes a look at the key market factors that make gold dance.

Gold: Investment, Hedge or Means to Save?

When you buy gold, should you regard it as an investment?
Is gold rather a hedge against currency devaluation?
Or, should your regard gold buying as a means to save for darker days?

The 10 % Money-saving Rule

A simple, practical technique that can help the poor in squeezing out money to invest.

Achieving Financial Freedom

Do you want to become financially independent? Do you have what it takes ot achieve this goal? Find out more in this article.

What Are Alternative Investments?

Apart from the standard investments (like the ones in cash, bonds, treasuries, for instance), the are alternative ways to invest part of your wealth.

Why Consider Alternative Investment Vehicles?

Of course, there are opportunities and risks - as with any investment vehicle. Let's dig a bit deeper and see how the alternative investment vehicles work!

The Basics of Wealth Management

Managing your wealth wisely should be even more important during these times of crisis.
Basic information about wealth management...

How to Use Precious Metals
to Protect Against Currency Devaluation

Currency can't store your wealth efficiently. But investing in precious metals can help you preserve your wealth much better.
This guide will take you through the aspects of wealth preservation by taking a look at different options.

Currency Debasement

It literally refers to a currency's devaluation. Let's see more about how this can happen!


Tax-free silver is available at for European and other international clients from all over the World!

Buying Gold Abroad

If where you live gold isn't cheap enough or the selection of products is too narrow or, if you'd like to check out new types of merchandise, then consider traveling abroad to buy gold?
Here we take a look at some of the best gold-selling places in the World!

Books for Investors

For documentation about hard asset investments, you'd better check the best-rated, most popular books by prestigeous authors!

How to Save Your Money During a Bank Holiday?

Even if the bank offices are forcefully closed, there still are ways to save your deposits (the chances are slight, though).

Bank Holidays

During the current economic crisis we've seen bank holidays already - during these periods the banks close offices - but let's learn more about them, shall we?

Fractional Reserve Banking System

Banks function almost exclusively based on a pyramidal scheme called the fractional reserve system, according to which they are only obliged to hold a small portion of the entire money volume that they should have. Otherwise said: the banks don't have your money!

What's a Bank Run?

It's when people take banks by assault to withdraw their money. More on this in this article.

The Tremendous Potential Behind Silver

"Poor man's gold" has a tremendous potential in terms of price growth. In fact, silver is expected to grow a lot more in the future than gold will.
Why is this? What's behind silver's potential? How high can silver prices go?

Choosing the Best Investment Gold Coins

Coins are still preferred over bullion bars. But starters are prone to mistakes...
Which are the right gold bullion coins to buy? Join us, as we explain how to pick the best gold coins!

Choosing the Best Investment Silver Coins

There are so many types of silver coins available, but which ones should we buy? Read this and learn how to pick the best silver investment coins.

What Scares Europeans Away from Physical Silver

Silver is a popular investment metal in the USA, Canada, Australia and China too... but that's not the case in Europe! This metal doesn't have that kind of popularity there...

Why are Europeans reluctant to invest in physical silver?

7 Naive Mistakes Committed by Beginners
When Investing in Precious Metals

Beginner investors make several common mistakes when purchasing precious metals. Let's see which these mistakes are and how they can be avoided.

Do Investment Metals Have Intrinsic Value?

Some say that "precious metals have value as long as they're perceived as being valuable". Especially those who own large amounts of fiat money, bonds, treasuries and similar certificates, like to use phrases like this...

We looked deeper into the issue. Read to see what we've determined.

Why are Precious Metals a Safe Haven During Crisis?

Economic crisis makes you wonder what's safe enough to invest in? Real estate is unstable and prices are going down, currencies are weakening...

Practical Advice on Buying Silver

"Poor man's gold" is ideal for those who have low funds. But the variety of silver products out there is immense... they range from vintage silver coins to bullion bars.

Guide to Buying Investment Gold

Don't just buy any gold, even if it's genuine! Only careful studying can help you invest adequately into the yellow metal. Sellers and manufacturers add high additional fees.

5 Reasons to Invest in Precious Metals

The popularity of precious metals is on the increase and more and more people and even states are turning to them. Why should you invest?

Which Precious Metals to Buy as Investment?

Before grabbing a buy, we need to make sure we have targeted the right type of hard assets. So, which metals should we buy and why?

Reduce Specific Risks, Diversify Your Precious Metals Portfolio

Investing into a single type of metal poses specific risks. It's like "putting all your eggs into one basket". Otherwise there are not only risks, but opportunities as well!

The Perth Mint

Australia's city of Perth hosts one of the oldest mints in the World. They used to make coins for the British Empire... now they produce bullion products for investment!

Poor Man's Guide to Precious Metal Investments

Not everyone can buy large bars of gold. Some can't even afford a single ounce a year! What solutions do poor people have? Let's explore together!

Fiat Currency

For decades banks around the World have been printing fiat money without any solid backing. This makes these kinds of currencies vulnarable to inflation.


The most devastating form of inflation that can reduce your monthly income to nearly zero.


Most of us know about inflation, but how about hyperinflation? It can turn your money into almost worthless pieces of paper in a matter of days!

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