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How to Save Your Money
During a Bank Holiday

During bank holidays generally the bank office close and you are unable to withdraw your money. But there are solutions for saving your wealth! In some cases the solution is withdrawal by other means, while other solutions include emergency transactions and transfers.

What can you do during a bank holiday to save your deposits:

 Try withdrawing your money from ATMs: generally the bank offices get closed, but not the ATMs (hunt for the least visible ATMs, where less people are likely to rush and, proceed during midnight, at times when less people will rush there); unfortunately ATMs limit the money you can withdraw, but you will be able to walk from ATM to ATM and withdraw in tranches!

 Withdraw from the same bank's offices abroad: find the nearest foreign offices of your bank and you should be able to withdraw there (but not before knowing already that those foreign offices are open) - generally the banks will have some difficulties in closing down foreign offices, so they are less likely to do so

 Effectuate "emergency transactions": if you have all your money available on a card or, if you can liquidate deposits through an online banking system (they might not close down the online banking service) - then you can have your money available in a digital form, this means you can either transfer your money away (to another bank) or, you can buy precious metals by purchasing from a dealer online

These are the 3 main things that you can do during a bank holiday to save your deposits, but it's always good to prevent it. Therefore, it's advisable not to hold money in bank accounts - not more than you need to spend in the coming months.

If interest payments aren't substantial, then it's not worth holding larger deposits of money at your bank.

It would be wise to invest in silver, gold, platinum and, if you have larger amounts of money saved - consider diamond investments, along with other precious stones. The latter are easier to store, transport (metal detectors can't detect them) - they can hold a lot more wealth in a small place.

In conclusion: bank holidays are best avoided entirely. You can achieve preserving your wealth successfully if you invest in the mentioned hard assets. Additionally, buying land or real estate will also help.

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