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How to Use Precious Metals
to Protect Against Currency Devaluation

Your wealth is made up of the sum of all your financial assets, your real estate properties - this means: land, homes, currencies (either in cash or in bank accounts), your precious metals, gemstones etc.

Gold coins and paper money

In the long run, gold will preserve wealth better than any fiat currency

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Obviously, the financial assets are more liquid than the real estate properties. You can turn them into money much faster.

What types of financial assets do you own and how do you store them?

Do you keep your money in bank accounts in order to collect interest later?

Are you investing in real estate?

Do you risk by purchasing bonds, treasuries or, are you trying your luck on the stock market?

Do you own precious metals like gold, silver, platinum and others?

The options are diverse, the risks vary quite a lot.

Let's see the options of holding cash, bank deposits and precious metals. Advantages, disadvantages and we'll even go into asset diversification.

Here's some more detailed material on the main issues surrounding this issue:

 Canadian Gold Maple Leaf 1 oz Coin

 American Buffalo 1 oz Gold Coin

 American Eagle 1 oz Gold Coin

 Chinese Gold Panda 1 oz Coin

 Krugerrand 1 oz Gold Coin

 Sovereign Gold Coin

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