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Buying Gold Abroad:
The Elegant and Stylish Austrian Capital

The Austrian capital boasts with elegance and you won't get bored exploring its historic old neighborhood. The old palaces, the shopping districts will charm you...

It's overall an expensive, but clean and well-maintained city where locals are exceptionally friendly with visitors. Flight connections and rail connections are excellent, so getting in will be quite easy, especially from another European country.

Austria manufactures their own bullion products, so a gold investor might consider traveling to Vienna for buying a few bars and coins.

Where and How to Buy Gold in Vienna

The Austrians are responsible for the Vienna Philharmonic gold and silver investment coins. And, the capital of Austria is home to an important number of bullion traders.
Although, Vienna is not considered a cheap place overall and, gold is not supposed to be cheap there either.

The Vienna Philharmonic coins are also known as "Austrian Philharmonic" coins. But officially it's "Vienna Philharmonic". It's one of the finest gold coins out there: .9999 purity grade!

There are several less popular Austrian gold mints that produce bars, but the above-mentioned coin is more popular.

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