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Buying Gold in Singapore:
"Lion City", the Thriving Tropical Island

The island-city-country is one of the most prosperous ones in the World. Very high life standards, but also high costs of living. A thriving business and tourism paradise...and, a great place to buy gold!

You might get lost exploring all corners of the heart of Singapore - where most attractions are located. Perhaps a week wouldn't suffice, but it should be enough to see the main attractions!

Singapore is one of the World's most important business centres and it's one of the "gold nests" of our blue planet.
In this article we are investigating the possibilities for buying gold in "Lion City" - Singapore.

Where and How to Buy Gold in Singapore

Above all, Singapore is considered a tax haven, even more preferred than Switzerland, which has recently been under pressure from the EU with regards to offshore bank accounts (deposits of EU citizens held there).

Singapore is probably the best location for gold storage. Many rich Westerners move their precious metals to vaults in Singapore.

The tiny country is considered about as cheap as Hong Kong - expect low premiums. They also have their own minted bars and coins that bear the national symbol, the Merlion on them.

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