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Buying Gold in London:
Hunting for Bullion in
Europe's Biggest Metropolis

The architectural beauty of the British capital is breathtaking. A stroll along the main arteries between the major attractions will leave you with your jaw open.

It's one of Europe's financial capitals. Of course, you can find plenty of gold and silver and other precious metals in London.
Expect much higher prices than on mainland Europe and the USA.

Where and How to Buy Gold in London

The selection is wide in London - lots of dealers there... The UK also produces a variety of bullion products.
As mentioned, the prices are higher than in the USA and Europe. Both gold and silver will cost a lot more above spot than in Germany or Turkey - for example.
While there's not value added tax on gold, there is 10 % applied on all investment silver products. Sandard procedure in the EU, because silver is considered an industrial metal.

The Strand area is home to several gold dealers, but you will find other companies elsewhere in the big city.

Here are some of the biggest bullion dealers in London: BullionVault, ATS Bullion, Coininvestdirect, Gold Made Simple, Baird & Co. Look up the sites and/or phone numbers of these companies.

Additionally, you might also be interested in "Gold to Go" ATMs. These are gold vending machines that sell coins and bars - just like vending machines selling drinks, cookies. The locations of these ATMs might change.

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