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Buying Gold in Istanbul:
On the Paths of Byzantium

Istanbul has been traditionally renowned for its gold shops. It's perhaps the best place to buy gold for Europeans and those living in the Mediterranean region.
Turkey has always been perceived as a "gold paradise", it has a long tradition in trading precious metals.

While in Istanbul, you should also visit the Topkapi Museum - where you will see immense amounts of treasures - even a throne made of gold and apple-size emeralds, as well as a plethora of diamonds and other gemstones!

Where and How to Buy Gold in Istanbul

The Grand Bazaar is one of the best places to buy gold. Traders in the bazaar have been buying and selling the shiny metal since 1461.

Over 22 billion euros-worth of gold are being traded each year at the Grand Bazaar.

Today, you can buy or sell your gold there with relative ease!

Of course, you will be able to find other shops in the gigantic Istanbul, but the Grand Bazaar is indeed the best place to buy gold in Istanbul.

You can bargain and it's renowned for the fact that their prices are very low in comparison to mainland European dealers.

Please note that Turkish gold jewelry is generally quite cheap, but is often low in terms of karats. Many objects for sale there don't exceed the 18 k mark. And, the quality of work is often mediocre.

Buying bullion in Istanbul is possible at a rather low price. You will find bars encased in with certificates and many dealers will even bargain with you, allowing a lower price!

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