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Buying Gold in Hong Kong:
The "Fragrant Harbour", a Trade Paradise...

World-famous trading hub, a major financial center needing no presentation. But, Hong Kong is also a hub for precious metal trade.
It's one of the best place on Earth for cheap bullion - especially Asian products, Chinese are plentiful.

A trip to Hong Kong can be a marvelous experience. It has one of the most beautiful skylines in the World with hypermodern architecture, but old buildings can also be found (including old Chinese temples).

Where and How to Buy Gold in Hong Kong

Gold is very cheap in Hong Kong, but there are lots of scams and small shops selling fake gold - so, beware!

The best idea is to buy from a reputable local bullion trade (like, larger shop) or, go straight to the local banks: like the Bank of China, the Hang Seng Bank.

Hong Kong is famous for being very cheap - electronics, clothes, small gadgets, but even gold bullion costs less there!

It's famous for the fact that gold there can be bought for as little as 0.1 % over spot. But there are tons of fakes there as well!

Hong Kong is a "fake gold paradise", but that mustn't scare you away.

The Chinese and Southeast Asians typically, are great buyers of gold.

Expect prices to fluctuate. During periods when locals buy gifts to their friends and family, prices on gold climb!

You can buy various Hong Kong-made, Chines and Asian bullion products there, but it's especially important for you to focus on the Chinese Panda gold coins. They are extremely cheap, if bought in Hong Kong! Premiums are shockingly low!

If you're in Hong Kong, don't miss visiting the traders selling the famous Pandas!

Generally you can find bullion products at 3-5 % over spot, which is a lot cheaper than in Europe, still much cheaper than in the USA. You should still be able to buy gold at only 0.1 % over spot in Hong Kong.

The spread, the premiums are very low!

We might say that along with Dubai, Singapore and perhaps Istanbul, Hong Kong is among the cheapest places to buy gold!

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