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Buying Gold in Dubai:
The Luxurious Exotic Emirate in the Gulf

It's an emirate and a city as well, which is part of the United Arab Emirates.
Dubai is an important hub for Middle East gold trading. Both "small" individual buyers and large firms, even countries buy and sell gold in Dubai.

In addition to precious metal trade, Dubai is a thriving modern city with fantastic attractions worth exploring. If you venture there, then you will have the chance to enjoy unbelievable experiences and sights...
Needless to explain, let's see more about where and how to buy gold in Dubai!

Where and How to Buy Gold in Dubai

The Dubai Gold Souk is the best place for buying gold in Dubai.
It's located in the Deira district, in the locality of Al Dhagaya.
You will find roughly 300 shops there. They sell jewelry and bullion intended for investment as well.
According to estimates, there are roughly 10 tons of gold inside the Gold Souk.

The history of gold trading in Dubai is quite long, but it's said that it had intensified in the 1940, when Indian and Iranian entrepreneurs were allowed to establish businesses in Dubai.

The Gold Souk is also a good place for buying diamonds. Dubai indeed is one of the best places for purchasing gemstones.

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