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Buying Gold in Amsterdam:
The "Venice of the North"

Amsterdam is not only a thriving paradise for tourism... The city with lots of canals and old picturesque neighborhoods is also home to some of the biggest precious metal traders in Europe.

It's an expensive city, in an expensive rich country that might seem obscure only on the map.

Silver, gold and diamonds... you can find all of them in the luxurious Amsterdam. But how, where and at what cost? Let's explore together!

Where and How to Buy Gold in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has plenty of precious metal dealers. Silver, gold, platinum, but gemstones are available there as well. Expect high prices, it's not like buying gold in Hong Kong or from Dubai's souks.

Spreads are at least average, but even quite large, when compared to other major "gold hubs"...

There are plenty of dealers in Amsterdam - two of the most popular bullion sellers are Amsterdam Gold and and Koop Goud.

Some of the biggest bullion shops in Amsterdam are actually headquartered in Switzerland.

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