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The Fractional Reserve Banking System

No, the banks don't have all the money that they take from us!

Your money isn't safe with the banks!

If you have a bank deposit, you may want to read this - in case you aren't already aware of it...

In some countries banks are required to have 10 % reserves of the total amount of money that they're said to hold. A good example is the USA. In Europe they hold a similar amount of reserves.

What does this reserve mean?

It means that banks are obliged to have 10 % physical money of the total amount of that they hold and/or create.

Banks receive deposits from the population, but they also have the right to create money - digitally. The best example is the creation of credits. But the banks don't really have all the money they're supposed to hold or, to have created (as credits, for example). If everyone would run for the banks, they wouldn't be able to withdraw all of their money. The banks simply don't have that much paper money.

Most of the "money" held by banks is in digital form. Simple "glitches" in an informational system. And we all know that's not real money!

If anything goes wrong with the economy, the bank or, if the government puts a tax on your bank deposits, then it will be hard to withdraw your savings in cash.
Even 3,000 dollars or euros are considered "too much to withdraw" with a single operation at Western Banks. If you wish to withdraw 5,000 or even 10,000 euros or dollars, it's almost certain that you'll be put on queue for another 24 hours at least!

Because banks only have a fraction of the money supposedly in their reserves, the best way to protect your wealth is to invest in precious metals, other long-lasting hard assets (such as gemstones, for instance) and, to buy land!

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