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Choosing the Best Investment Silver Coins

Silver coins come in a wide variety and they're a lot more afforable than gold coins. In early 2013 a very popular 1 ounce silver coin would have cost somewhere around 34-35 $. While a same weight gold coin had a price tag of 1,650-1,700 $ in the same period.

Let's see what you should check before investing in silver coins.

Buy Pure Investment Silver Coins

It's not bad if you own old silver coins, but note that the typical "silver coin" is generally not pure. Even in the best case they're 50-75 % silver, the rest other metal. By "typical" we mean coins that have not been minted specifically for the sake of silver investment.

Bullion silver coins must not be confused with silver rounds - which are not recognized as investment coins, but have a similar shape.

Focus on purchasing silver coins. Rounds aren't real coins, but are rather similar-shaped pieces of silver, generally produced by private mints.

The widely recognized silver bullion coins are minted by national institutions/banks/mints of various countries.
Therefore they are more often traded and will be easier to sell later on.

The Purity of Silver Coins

Investment silver products are generally not as pure as gold, but most coins have a grade of .999. This is how high you should aim in terms of purity.

Design and Numismatic Value

Obviously, these coins also have numismatic value. Some bullion coins are sold for tens of thousands, others for hundreds of thousands of dollars only because of a rare particularity/characteristic that they bear.

Some of the most collected silver coins are the Silver Pandas. But overall, the American Eagles are the most popular. Pandas vary in design from year to year and therefore some pieces are worth a lot more than others.

Mintage figures also count. The less they make of a particular coin, the higher its value will be.

Prices of Investment Silver Coins and Premiums

Premiums in some countries are high. The premium is how much you pay above the spot price of the silver coin.
Silver is considered an industrial metal and therefore, a variety of taxes and fees are added to the spot price.

In Europe it's extremely costly to buy silver, as premiums are very high.

Even so, buying a silver coin anywhere in the World, at 10-20 % above spot is considered normal. Anything lower than that is a very good catch!

In Europe, prices per coin with all included fees, taxes (particularily VAT) can reach 50 % over spot!

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