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Buying Gold Abroad

Have you ever combined traveling with buying gold?

Gold tourism does exist: there are people who travel abroad specifically to purchase gold.

But which are the best foreign countries, cities for buying gold bullion?
Hopefully, this article can give you a few hints...

Gold souk

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These some of the biggest "nests" of gold trade and also some of the most beautiful cities, countries, regions worth visiting! After all, traveling should be a pleasure!

Find a number of trendy destinations for gold buying below...

 Hong Kong

Before Traveling Out to Buy...

Make sure you study the laws and regulations regarding gold - some countries have fixed limits to how much gold you can bring in and out across the border. Of course, the major gold "nests" usually have more flexible laws. Some have no limits.

But there are countries limiting the amount of gold you can bring in and out. You should be especially well-documented about the laws of your own country and the ones that you are transiting.

Declaring the gold at the border will often mean paying a huge tax on it, when crossing. Not declaring could be extremely risky, illegal even - in many countries they will either confiscate your precious metals or, force you to pay a heavy fine and, some even go as far as jailing!

Buying gold abroad has tremendous benefits: prices may be lower, you might get to bargain the price of the bullion, you get to buy some of the finest objects of the precious metal, plus you get to travel and enjoy a nice vacation.

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