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Achieving Financial Freedom

Some people work for money, others have money to work for them.

Are you dependent on some job or are you relying on someone else to provide you with income?

With the right mindset an some smart brainwork, financial independence can be achieved.

Let money work for you instead of working like a mule for money.

Financial independence will set you free forever!

You can quit your day job, won't need loans from the bank, won't hang on anyone's thread (let it be your boss, your parents, etc.).

Most People Don't Want to Be Financially Independent

"Financial independence" - sounds attractive, but the vast majority of people actually don't want this to happen to them! Understanding the steps leading to financial independence is a bit too complex for them and there are indeed some minimal short and medium term risks.

Becoming financially independent is more of a mindset issue. Many people are trapped in their all-limiting box-thinking-type mentality that blocks them from trying out new ways of life.

The truth is, most people are like this.
They can't see the road leading to financial independence. Only those who can are creative and practical, but with a sense of adventure and willing to take calculated risks to fully enjoy life instead of being a "work-slave", can actually achieve financial independence.

The entrepreneurial spirit and the right mindset are the main ingredients that will propel you to the state of total financial security.

Unfortunately most people lack either one of both of the following: financial literacy and a "drive" (which includes: creativity, spirit of adventure, perseverance etc.).

But we're actually educated in such a way that we don't become financially independent. It's in the way we're brought up by our families and the way school, universities, colleges and mass-media educate an influence us.

We learn to become employees, we build careers according to others' needs and wishes, we learn to consume.

Schools don't teach us about money and families tend to stimulate their children to build careers, social image rather than stimulating them to be independent.

Most people nowadays are the equivalents of factory workers in during the industrial revolution of the late 1800's and early 1900's. They literally live to work.

Or was it "work to live"?

From the investor's perspective it's the same - since earning money is conditioned by working hard.

Very few people are creative and even less have entrepreneurial spirit. We could then dig deeper and see how many of those with entrepreneurial spirit do achieve their goals - passion, perseverance, innovation are vital.

Endless Opportunities Are "Out There"

Prime Values is a website dedicated to investing - learning how to invest, well-performing investment vehicles and opportunities (like precious metals and alternative investments) and more...

People who want to become financially independent must have the right mindset and the right sources of information in order to educate themselves.

Opportunities won't reveal themselves if you continue living the "work slave" lifestyle based on repetitive patterns, lack of desire and commitment to change.

Less-conventional methods are in front of you, the opportunity must be seized before it evaporates.

As it has been endlessly told by many others: a crisis is an opportunity. Not just philosophically speaking, but also from the investor's perspective.

Indeed, during crises like this global crisis, some things become more expensive (food, home-related expenses), but others tend to become more affordable (real estate prices crash, for instance).

If you invest wisely during crisis, you will be able to pull yourself out and, even squeeze out profits.

In the modern World when technology evolves rapidly, when the 4th sector of the economy (the online economy) spreads into almost every area of our lives, the possibilities and opportunities are much wider than back in the 1990's, for instance.

Economist and investor, Jim Rogers has frequently mentioned the opportunities ahead of online businesses (which are emerging successfully). Indeed, the web is shaping our new sped-up, information-driven, more automated economic environment. This is another dimension to consider - if you want to earn more.

It's essential to start investing at a young age, but it's never too late!

Hopefully Prime Values can inspire you and propel you to success, step-by-step, as new content gets added to this site. While the crisis becomes deeper, we - the investors - have to seize opportunities ingeniously!

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