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Suriname Silver 10 Dollar 1 oz Coin

The smallest independent state of South America has not long ago started producing investment coins. These are the pure silver 10 Dollar 1 oz coins, which are minted in the Netherlands by the European Central Mint.

These coins are Suriname's official silver bullion and their quality is guaranteed by the European Central Mint.

Suriname itself is a silver producer, but not among the first 20 producers (on a global scale, as of 2012, according to the Silver Institute).

The face of the coin shows Suriname's coat of arms, while the reverse depicts the map of the country.
10 stars on the face of the coin symbolize the provinces of the country.
The latin quote "Serva Me Servabo Te" literally means: "Save Me and I Will Save You".

These coins are not so well-known, primarily because they're relatively new to the market and because the issuing country is a small country.

What's special about this coin, you may ask?

These coins are very low-priced. They're among the cheapest coins you can find out there.
If you're looking for cheap silver investment coins, then these should be on top of your list!

Another thing is that their mintage is a lot lower than in case of US, Canadian, Australian, Chinese or British coins.

Suriname 10 Dollar
1 oz (1 ounce) investment silver coin

Suriname Silver 10 Dollar coin face
Suriname Silver 10 Dollar coin reverse
Name: Suriname 10 Dollar
Type: investment bullion coin
Country: Suriname
Mass: 1 troy ounce (31.103 g)
Content: 99.9 % silver
Dimensions: diameter - 38.6 mm (1.519 in); thickness - [unknown]
Edge: reeded
Mintage (production) years: [unknown]
Design: Suriname's coat of arms - face; Map of Suriname - reverse
Designer: [unknown] - face; [unknown] - reverse
Face value: 10 Surinamese dollar/SRD
Sizes, variants available: 1 oz (as of July 7th 2013)


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